We believe in using our time, effort, talents, and treasures to serve those around us. Our goal is to have the people of our community feel loved, cared for, and treated with respect at any event. A movement of this size requires a lot of resources, our most vital and priceless being the people who share the vision and wish to be a part of it. If that is you, please take a look at the opportunities to be involved with Venture Cares below.

Help us spark a movement of God by loving our neighbors, sharing resources, and helping those in need.


We have several different serving teams, all of which are important to keep the good work of this ministry going. Some require strength while others require attention to detail. Some will be behind the scenes and others out with the people. All serving roles require a heart to serve and make a difference because every role matters.


Generous donations are what made it possible for us to build our Mobile Market. While we will be working with food banks for the bulk of our stock, we will still need to supplement the Mobile Market at times in order to have the items our guests are looking for. Your donation will go towards food, warehouse supplies, and all things Venture Cares.


We strive to serve our community through the Mobile Market by meeting physical and spiritual needs. Our teams engage guests with empathy, wisdom, and grace.
Please pray for the Mobile Market - for caring service, openness to the Gospel, and lives changed through Christ's love.

Serve Teams

You will find your typical area to serve below. Each opportunity has time commitments that are up to you and your availability. If you are interested in serving with Venture Cares, please reach out to Brian Fischer at with the subject "Venture Cares". He can help you discuss where your time and talents will be best utilized and then you can start the training process.


There are many opportunities to serve at the warehouse where the Mobile Market and the food will be stored. Stocking inventory as well as stocking the Market before it goes out, counting inventory, checking expiration dates, and keeping the area clean and up to standard are all going to be necessary.
This will be an opportunity that can potentially work with your schedule.

On Site

At our Mobile Market sites, we will have several teams including Registration, Welcome Tent, Hosts, Restocking, Bagging, Prayer, and Parking. Each of these teams will have different duties that can suit many different people. This opportunity is based on the days the Mobile Market is out in the community.


Sometimes stores or food banks will have surplus food to offer us. We will need people to go and check and pick up the resources at these times.
This will be an opportunity that may or may not be consistent and will be based on the schedule of our suppliers.

Something Else

Do you have a specific way you would like to serve that is not listed here? Please be sure to contact us and share what you have in mind!

We are grateful for your interest in being a part of this team and can't wait to serve with you!